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An Essential Key to International Business Success, is Dispute Avoidance.
The Key to Dispute Avoidance, is utilizing Well Drafted Contracts.
Take Preventative Measures Now and Avoid Costly Remedial Measures.



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International Joint Venture Agreement Checklist

International Distributorship Agreement Checklist

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The following international business articles are provided by an experienced international business lawyer and provide information on popular international businesses topics.

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Information about Specific International Business Types:

International Joint Venture - Multi-Party Project

International Distributorship Business; Importing, Exporting

International Liquor Importing, Sales and Licensing


International Airport Concession Businesses:

International Airport Concession Lease

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, DBE and ACDBE

International Startup Information:

International Business Checklist I

International Business Checklist II

ProtectYour Assets from International Business Activities

Incorporating, Limited Liability Company (LLC) for International Business

Registering, Permiting, Licensing for International Business


Protecting the Intellectual Property Rights of your International Business:

Trademarks & Copyrights

Understanding the differences between Copyrights, Trademarks &Patents

Trade Secrets

Confidentiality Issues

Protect your rights in Literary Services Agreements


Information about Buying an International Business- Selling an International Business:

International Business Acquisitions

International Business Startup Resources

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