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What you can expect, if I join your international business team.

I treat others, as I would want to be treated.

I treat clients, as I would want to be treated. If I were to bring an attorney on-board, as a member of my international business team, I would want to find an attorney who:


  • holds "Integrity" as the highest of values.


  • listens with complete attention, to my goals, related issues and concerns;


  • shares knowledge and wisdom acquired over years of experience and education;

Prompt, Efficient, Approachable and Available

  • is approachable, available to respond to my inquiries and responds promptly and efficiently;


  • respects and understands the value of my time, money and business;


  • is an entrepreneur and understands the particular needs of my business.


  • has experience in the field.

Pro-active, Preventative Approach

  • presents pro-active or preventative recommendations for the now, in pursuit of avoiding the need for costly remedial measures later.

Caring & Aggressive

  • handles my business with care, while at the same time, delivering zealous representation when appropriate.

Telephone Consultations

  • provides consultations and written analysis.

Open & Communications

  • availability for client communications is unmatched in the industry.


  • I can trust.

This and more, you can expect from me, if I join your international business team.

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An Entrepreneur helping Entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur, has provided me with first-hand experience with regard to the issues and concerns of business owners and operators. This experience results in an understanding much deeper than that which may be taught in classrooms or through simply representing businesses "at arms length," without actually experiencing the particularities associated with starting and operating one or more businesses. If you are an entrepreneur, you will understand what I mean.

Team Approach; Educating versus Dictating. I am a woman business attorney, who relishes the opportunity to be a part of a growing business team. I endeavor to educate Clients, rather than simply dictating a course of action. To be effective, I believe that it is important to provide guidance in terms that my clients understand, so that my clients can make informed decisions. I handle businesses with care, and at the same time, deliver zealous and aggressive representation when appropriate.

Who are my clients? Why do clients stay? I represent entrepreneurs, startups, joint ventures, corporations, limited liability companies and other business organizations, in a variety of industries and legal matters.I participate as a team member from incorporation to operation to merger, sale or other exit strategy.To read what my client's are saying about the services I provide them, see ClientTestimonials.

What I do most often for my clients? In addition to overall business law advice and education, the tasks I most frequently perform, include business formation (incorporation or establishing LLC's); applying for trademark and copyright registration; task related to obtaining and maintaining licensing; drafting and providing analysis and recommendations concerning commercial leasing (retail, airport, manufacturing, office, etc.); drafting and providing analysis of agreements (domestic and international, joint venture, distributorship, collaboration, confidentiality, non disclosure, independent contractor, employment and executive compensation. My clients are large, medium,small and family owned businesses. See Client Testimonials.

What will I provide you? I deliver practical solutions, personal attention and guidance for businesses, in terms that clients understand. I offer consultations that are typically followed by a Summary of your goals as I understand them, corresponding legal issues, costs, etc. Services are provided in a cost-effective, prompt, attentive and efficient manner, at a fraction of the rate charged by larger law firms. No international business lawyer holds a higher standard, with regard to professional skill and service, than the Grenier Law Offices.

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